Running technique assessments

Have your running technique assessed by our expert coaches using video analysis.

Runner on street

We offer standalone running assessments as well as our 1 to 1 and monthly coaching for £175. (These can be achieved remotely using videos sent by an athlete to us and a Zoom session). Running assessments are included as part of the set up with a new athlete.

We believe running assessments should be outside in the natural running enviroment, rather than inside on a treadmill. We use video analysis using technical software to assess every element of the running cycle. Running movement patterns, cadence and oscillation are analysed and interventions provided.

The assessment entails a full video analysis at different speeds and angles, technical drill analysis and gym based tests. The aim is to educate, provide conscious awareness, intervention exercises and cues to work on improving the running movement; so reducing injury risk, improving running economy and thereby increasing speed.

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