1-2-1 coaching

1-2-1 personal coaching or small group sessions can really take your training and performance to the next level.

1-2-1 sessions could also be the answer if you are just starting on your running or triathlon journey. They can help to boost confidence in all disciplines.

1-2-1 personal coaching is just that:  one coach and you, with specific aims for each session and individual progressive goals.

Small groups can be catered for too; providing a feeling of camaraderie, yet still retaining a level of individual coaching and progression.

We can provide all types of 1-2-1 sessions or small group sessions. Charged at our hourly rate £45 per hour except for the Running Assessment Sessions

  • Running Assessment - running technique / gait analysis (See Running Coaching) - £175 (£90 for remote athletes through video analysis)
  • Running sessions – road, intervals, hills, trail
  • Road cycling – individual or group riding
  • Turbo or Watt Bike sessions
  • Gym sessions - Strength and Conditioning
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