Running Coach

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marathon or ultra runner, we can help you achieve your goals.

A runner representing England in a marathon

Running coach to support your busy lifestyle, tailored around your life and your goals. Our athletes are all individuals, with different needs and different goals, therefore our running coach designs training plans that are unique to each athlete. Michelle has vast personal experience and running coaching knowledge, enabling her to coach any level of athlete in any event. We have personal and coaching experience of shorter road and cross-country events to the more gruelling marathon and ultra-marathon distances and the running involved in multi sport events. Running coaching involves supporting all elements of running: technical analysis, specific running drills, sports nutrition advice and strength and conditioning plans. All plans and analysis are provided through our accredited Maxwell Coaching Training Peaks software.

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£100 per month

Whats included?

  • Free Initial consultation
  • Running assessment through video analysis and technical drills
  • Full training analysis and feedback through Training Peaks
  • Basic Training Peaks Account
  • Unlimited contact via email, phone and messages
  • Bespoke Strength and Conditioning programme
  • Complete training plan flexibility
  • Weekly feedback
  • Basic nutrition advice
  • Facebook group community, WhatsApp group and Strava community

After an initial consultation and assessment session you will receive a weekly bespoke plan in Training Peaks based on your personal needs as an athlete.

Training Peaks Premium can be added the coaching package below, at cost price, currently £9.50 per month.

Note: We charge a £50 initial fee to cover admin time.

A running assessment is included for coached athletes (6 months minimum coaching) (see section below and more information on our running assessment page) or these can be booked as a standalone offering for £175. Full interventions are given through movement patterns, drills and strength and conditioning.

Additional 1-2-1 sessions are charged at our hourly rate which is reduced for coached athletes


Woman representing England in a road race

Our coaches have over 35 years’ experience in training and competing on the roads and over 15 years coaching all abilities towards these distances.

Our team use their unique experience and coaching knowledge to help you reach your personal goals at these tougher road distances.

Coached athletes will receive strength training and nutritional advice .

Ultra Distance

Woman running a race in the countryside

Ultra marathons require a unique level of coaching and training commitment.

Coached athletes receive a very specialised training plan that fits around their busy lives and most importantly is tailored to each specific race; including elevation, mountain running, technical terrain, night running and weighted hiking.

Coached athletes will receive specific strength training, specific nutritional guidance and kit suggestions.

5 - 10 K road /Cross Country

A runner running a road race in the woods

Are you a competitive athlete looking for that edge over your rivals? Are you wanting to achieve that sub 60 min, or sub 40 min 10K? Are you looking for that extra step in your training to knock off those 30s? Are you looking for help with stepping up distances?

We can provide personal coaching to achieve any of these goals. Specialising in strength and conditioning for road and off road events, our individual plans, group and 1:1 sessions can help with your progression. Coached athletes receive a personal plan, with nutrition and injury preventing strength training.

Running Assessment Service

Man having a running assessment test

Running movement patterns, cadence and oscillation are analysed and interventions provided.

We provide a full running and gym assessment session as part of our monthly coaching and as a standalone 1:2:1 offering for £175. Read more about this service on our running assessment page.

The assessment entails a full video analysis at different speeds and angles, technical drill analysis and gym based tests. The aim is to educate, provide conscious awareness, intervention exercises and cues to work on improving the running movement; so reducing injury risk, running economy and thereby increasing speed.