Chicago World Triathlon Championships 2015!

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It all started in 2012! The Brownlee’s impressive performances at the London Olympics, reignited my passion for triathlon after an eight year break. My fourth return from competitive sport soon followed in 2013 (I’m on a par with George Forman for come-backs!). So it all began with a 4km-400km-40km triathlon challenge for my 40th birthday, then dabbling in local races, …

Wheel of emotion

Who’d have thought that good old milk is the answer!

Michelle Maxwell Coaching, Drills, Nutrition, Psychology

What a great trip down into ‘hobbitses land’ as my coaching mentor calls it! The annual SWEN (South West Endurance Network) Coaching Conference in Barnstaple was a feast for the coaching mind. The day began with a brilliant overview of the athlete mind by Amanda Wilding. The outstanding message was that we as coaches need to help our athletes through …