Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon coach in Chippenham, Wiltshire

We are a triathlon coach for all levels of triathletes, from novices, to more seasoned triathletes, and all the way to age-group internationals. We can coach all distances, from your first sprint triathlon, to the tougher and more time consuming long distances(‘ironman’).

We can advise and coach in just one discipline (often swimming!), or help you with the challenge of training for all 4 disciplines (don’t forget transitions).

  • Types of triathlon coaching offered:
  • Swim analysis
  • Running technique (Cadence, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Hill running technique, foot strike, core/trunk strength)
  • Biking (Bike set-up, position, cadence, kit, turbo and brick sessions)
  • Drills for swimming and running to improve form and cadence
  • Heart rate training (Personal zones and how to train to HR)
  • Transitions
  • Open water swimming training and techniques
  • 1:1 sessions available in all disciplines
  • Full coaching, with plans and analysis using Training Peaks

Contact us to discuss your requirements – we would love to help you achieve your goals!