Physical Preparation

Physical Preparation, otherwise known as ‘Strength and Conditioning’, is a critical part of any personal training plan. We devise exercises specific to our athletes’ needs, based on technical analysis of their running, swimming and cycling. At Maxwell Coaching we believe that Physical Preparation is something that can be done at home, with ‘own body weight’ exercises, and does not require access to a gym. Exercises can be progressed with an increase in repetitions and use of hand weights, medicine balls and kettle drums.

Personal Physical Preparation Plans

We can provide personal physical preparation plans in conjunction with a monthly full package, or standalone to supplement an athlete’s own training plans. Personal plans are designed to done at home with a minimum of weights and other equipment, we understand as parents ourselves how tricky it can be to get to a gym and often how daunting that can be.

Exercises are set after a full assessment of an athlete’s capabilities and often after a running video analysis session.

1:1 Physical Preparation sessions can really help with learning the exercises you have been set. We have a private gym, ‘Purple Gym’ with a range of weights, kettle bells and medicine balls and resistance bands.

With Michelle’s unique coaching experience and Physical Preparation qualifications and Chris’s triathlon expertise, we can analyse technical elements of each athlete’s running, cycling and swimming styles. This knowledge enables us to create a plan that builds on an athlete’s Myofasical release calf muscleparticular strengths but also helps to rectify any technical mismatches, thereby helping to prevent injury and aiding recovery.

Myofascial Release

We can provide advice, group sessions and 1:1 sessions on correct myofascial release, using a roller, and other muscle releasing equipment (golf balls, tennis balls etc).