What am I training for?

two ladies running on a beach

The coronavirus or Covid-19 is causing havoc across the world and its presence is being felt here in the UK, with the cancellation of most sporting events and now all our social training groups. I’ve seen many comments on social media: ‘I’m not actually sure what I’m training for’, ‘running for therapy’ ‘running for life’, ‘running for love’. It is exactly this! If nothing else this situation will remind us of why we train and run. It’ll take us back to the reason we first started on our journeys and quite possibly rekindle the love affair.

Significant Gains – Part 2 – Fitness Testing & Training Smart

This is the second part of my “significant gains” blog. Building on the bike set-up aspects discussed in part one, we now focus on training at the right intensity. While the first part was focussed on the bike, this topic is equally applicable to running, and indeed swimming. As amateur triathletes we all want to maximise the training benefits from …

I’m marathon training! Why do I need to do speed-work?

So the question I’m asked so often, especially this time of the year. Do I need to do speedwork, I’m training for a marathon? The simple answer is, no, of course you don’t need to, if you’ve run some 20 milers, you will get round. However, if you want to hit that start line in top form, most importantly knowing …