What am I training for?

two ladies running on a beach

The coronavirus or Covid-19 is causing havoc across the world and its presence is being felt here in the UK, with the cancellation of most sporting events and now all our social training groups. I’ve seen many comments on social media: ‘I’m not actually sure what I’m training for’, ‘running for therapy’ ‘running for life’, ‘running for love’. It is exactly this! If nothing else this situation will remind us of why we train and run. It’ll take us back to the reason we first started on our journeys and quite possibly rekindle the love affair.

Combatting Fears and Fixing Mistakes – Brecon Beacons Ultra 2016

I have battled a lot with my head the last few months, after training so hard for the SVP100km, starting so well in the lead, only to lose the race through a single simple error. What do you do after an event like that? How do you get over it? How do you fix those demons telling you to quit? …

Who’d have thought that good old milk is the answer!

Wheel of emotion

What a great trip down into ‘hobbitses land’ as my coaching mentor calls it! The annual SWEN (South West Endurance Network) Coaching Conference in Barnstaple was a feast for the coaching mind. The day began with a brilliant overview of the athlete mind by Amanda Wilding. The outstanding message was that we as coaches need to help our athletes through …