As experienced and highly competitive endurance runners and triathletes we know what demands the sports can pull on our busy lives. Our incredibly flexible packages are designed to fit all types of athletes and all lifestyles.

From basic plans, 1:1 sessions and physical preparation to full contact coaching, choose the best package to suit you…

Basic plans

After an initial consultation you will receive a plan based on your personal needs as an athlete. The plan will be a minimum of 3 months up to 6 months with a lead into a goal event. Further contact with the coaches can be provided with an upgrade.


This type of coaching provides the most flexibility for those triathletes and runners short on time. The coaching is purely based on daily schedules with contact via email, phone and text. An initial meeting or phone call is desirable before the coaching commences. Athletes can attend group sessions or stay entirely remote, following their unique plan.
This type of coaching can be combined with 1:1 sessions to make a fuller package.

Full Monthly Coaching

Our most popular option, with varying options. As with the basic coaching, after an initial consultation detailing your goals and needs, a fully periodised plan is provided in Training Peaks, including time for recovery and strength training. This individual plan is provided at timely intervals, as with time your goals and capabilities may change. Full E-coaching contact via email, phone and messaging is enables progression, nutrition and physical conditioning advice. A minimum of 3 months is suggested in the short term, with some athletes requesting a full 12 months of coaching. 1:1 sessions can also be included.